April 12, 2010

Formula D Long Beach Tandem Day !!

I was back in LB...
During the break after the morning practice,
I was eating this "Yatsuhashi" a special dessert made in
Kyoto, Japan. A souvenir from Michi Takatori.
It's the same thing that the green dude on my blog page
is holding in his hand :)

Taka getting a quick interview with the media.
That crazy hilarious guy from Boso is the MC !!
He always cracks me up :D

Taka and Tony B. warming up their tires...

Both guys are ready to burn some rubber next
to each other !!

. . . . . . .


This happened before Taka reached turn 9.

We did get it fixed in 5min for the second run, but
since Taka already had a zero on the first run,
we weren't able to turn around the result... :'(

Sh*t happens... literally !!!

Crowding spectators at the Megan/Nexen Tire booth !!

As were cleaning up the booth, Cyrus shows his hidden talent.
Jeff Jones thinking "he's gonna fall on his face :P"

Greddy booth with their GTRs !!

Hey ! Another GTR !!!
Is that Robbie Nishida actually 'driving' the new
Hankook/Dynamic Autosport GTR ?!?!

Good luck Robbie at Rd.2 in Atlanta !!!

As I was leaving, spotted this cool cressida in the
parking lot.
It's Ken Gushi's ride with the Cresta face !

This JDM snack was given to me by Johnny Mac.
Thanks always !!

I am worn out from this weekend...

Time to sleep for like 12 hours.

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