April 25, 2010

JustDrift's TopDrift Rd.2 in HTM !!!

I was at the Horse Thief Mile track at
Willow Springs Int'l Raceway !!
Mike "Bomac" Bolanos S13 with tons of battle scars !
That JustDrift RV was the best place to watch the competition :D

I brought my Drift102/Rental 1JZ Cressida
to get some track time for myself.
Had a pretty difficult time picking lines because
my front tires were washing out. . . . .

JustDrift's boss Charlie getting some interview time !!!

View of the pits from the judge's station.
Today's judges were the usual threesome :
JTP, Henry, and me.

Congrats to Bomac for finally getting his first TopDrift win !!
Here's his trophy with his dog and his dad in the background :)

Also congrats to Odi for 2nd place and Ryan Kado for 3rd !!

It was a pretty damn hot day and I got sun burned
like crazy... (forgot my sunscreen !!)
I had to take a cold shower because the back of my
neck is hurting sooooooo much :'(

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