April 18, 2010

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach !!

I finally made it to the Long Beach GP on Sunday !!
(couldn't get up early for the morning drifting session of Sat...)
These new rig design is so cool...
Especially with three lined up next to each other !!

Somehow looking at these rims made me want a
cold cup of beer !!!

Danica Patrick ?! . . . . . , no... that's a dude !

Team AE86 Corollas !!
Taka, John, and Yasu.

Good run !!

Close call !!!

Congrats to these DA boys for winning the Team Drift !!
JTP, Joon, and Chris.

During the champaigne fight, JTP already broke his trophy in half !

If I had the new Prius, I'd want to do this !

Even the tire has a groove pattern of a leaf... so green !!

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