May 26, 2010

a bit old news..... but here you go !!

a bit ? well, it's a quite old new by now, but
Larry Chen from
took some awesome pics at TopDrift Rd.2 !!
A shot from a chase car !!
What an cool photo :D

And yes, I did bring out my street Cressida for
some fun time too ;)

The judge's station :
There's Hung, Darlene, Henry, JTP (in the roof chair), me
Mickie, and Brian.

Yes, I am a judge and a course worker at the same time !!
There's Brian's dog trying to help out too :)

Congrats once again to Bomac for his first win !!!
Make sure you check out :
and support Larry !!

See you everyone at the ASB X !!!!!

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