May 4, 2010

Golden week 2010 !!

It's Golden Week in Japan right now, so
my parents came to visit me.
Since they brought me lots of JDM souvenir, I decided to
take them to a nice sunny cruise at Huntington Beach !!
(of course I'd take them around anyways regardless of JDM souvenirs... ;) )

Look at this Pink car !!!
There's a brushed Pink Panther on the back !
Sooooo Coooool !!

At HB, people surf.
And this day, they were having a surfing contest !

It might be tough to make this board turn ! :O

After a long walk around the beach, we stopped by
this JDM cake shop to take a break.
Bit pricy, but very very good !!!

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  1. the pink car is called the "Pink Panther" and you can see it in Garden Grove every Friday night 6-7pmishhh on main st for our weekly car show! :]