May 23, 2010

Good Sunday !!!

I was going to have a relaxing chill Sunday, but
I received a call..... an invitation to play a round of golf
with my buddies !!
I used to play tons, I mean tons of golf before...
But it's been almost half a year since I grabbed my golf clubs.

Today I was playing golf with these two guys...
Oooops, not these two guys...
They were having fun with themselves !!

These two guys !!
Daijiro and John Choi.

Here's Dai's swing !!
He plays pretty good, but lots of his balls likes to curve left :P

He likes 'left turns' ? Like the initiation at FD Atlanta ??
Ohhh, he just won there a couple weeks ago !!!
Congrats to him for the long awaited victory with the
Falken/Discount car !!! (^ ^)//

Here's John Choi's swing.
He is a really good player !!

It's always fun to play with Dai and John because
we all play with a similar pace and we all keep it
serious, but fun ; )

And before I went to play golf, I went to Newport Beach
to test out my new car. . . . . .
NOT !!!

I went to a JDM Cafe (not to Starbucks with 'my' Ferrari)
and had these.....
cute cake and a cup of coffee while doing some
translation jobs on my laptop :)

The waitress had these amazing nails ↓ ↓ ↓
She said she does her nails herself and spent
4 hours doing this !!!

I don't know if I can focus on anything this detailed
for so many hours..... maybe I can :P

Now I'm sore from playing golf (more like from carrying
and running around the course with my golf bag on my back...)
but had a very fun weekend !! :D

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