May 13, 2010

more pics... from Seattle.

I finally have time to sit down and write my blog from my laptop...
(I'm here for business trip, so I DO have some work to do!)

anyways, here are some more pics :
This is not from Seattle, but near Olympia.
"Lucky 7" ?!?!..... not 7-Eleven ?

As I mentioned it earlier, we got to cross the water via ferry.
Most people stayed in their car, so the cabin was quite empty !!

Right when we are about to get off...
Docking to the shore on Seattle side !

Stopped by Sea-Tac Int'l Airport.
Can you see the Mt. Rainier ?

Look at this crazy parking structure !!!

I dare you to drift thru all of these snails ! :P

Google map of the parking lot.....
Looks like bunches of turbochargers stuck on the side !!

Mercer Island !

The floating brige from Mercer Island to Seattle side.

The Space Needle.....

And the view !!!

The Pike Place Market !!

Last time I was here (for Formula D), there was
no free market and not many people around,
but today it was packed !!!

There were lots of fresh fish, meat, and lots of
other cool hand-made stuff !!

And of course, the original Starbucks !!

Safeco Stadium !

The view of the city from Harbor Island side.

Tonight's dinner at Blue C Sushi.
It was the revolving sushi and they had the JDM subway theme !
Each place had the name of the Tokyo subway :)

This was right when I got to the Space Needle...
The KOMO4 TV building was right next door and the heli was just departing !

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