June 2, 2010

Finally Pics from my Seattle Vancouver Portland trip !!

Ok, before I go onto my next business trip next week...

Here's some pics from my last business trip.
(click on the image for bigger pic)
During the long long driving, saw some real cool trucks.
Forgot to take a pic, but there was a 8-axle rig !!
(That neon birdie is from a bike shop in Seattle)

The Space Needle and the view !!
Floating bridge and the Sea-Tac Int'l Airport.

The ferry !!!
Rode it twice :D

Good thing I didn't have to use the Emergency Slide !!

Public Market place and the very first original Starbucks !!

That cruise ship was huuuuuuge !!!

The Gas Works Park !
This place was very very cool !!

Can you belive it ?!

I got to play with snow at this time of the season !!!
Should've brought my snowboard ;)

Crossed the border onto Vancouver, Canada !!

Surprizingly, there were tons of asians and
lots of Japanese restaurants around.

The suspension brige !!

That bridge was so fun because it bounces as you walk on it ! :P
And inside the park, there were bunches of these smaller
bridges in the forest.

US-Canada border and back to the U.S.
Stopped by Portland and it was of course..... raining !!

Luckily, I got to watch the bridge go up right before
we left there :)

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