September 29, 2010

2010 TopDrift Championship by JustDrift !!! 結果発表~

Here are the results from 2010 TopDrift Championship
held by JustDrift at Willow Springs Int'l Raceway !!

Congrats to all of these drivers as well as everyone
that pushed to their limit at each of the competitino events !!
All you guys made the event awesome !!!

For those dudes with the brand new Formula D license,
good luck to you with finding sponsors so that you can
bring your car up to the FD level (crazy!) and have
the funds to travel to all 7 events all over the U.S. !!

And of course, deep thanks to the JustDrift staff
for making this series happen ! :D

この度新しくフォーミュラー・ドリフト ライセンスを取得した皆さん、
遠征できる様に頑張りや~~~!!!(^ ^)/

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