June 21, 2015

JustDrift's TopDrift round3 at WSIR WJOval!!

This weekend BooTaro and myself headed out to WSIR for the 3rd round of JustDrift's TopDrift in the Walt James Oval. 

and it was already hot on the way there...

here's BooTaro cheering on the "chairslayer" Rob getting the groove on during practice. 

by the time for Top16 tandem battle, it was dark!!

here's Boo with Yoshie focused on the heated battles. lol

and stayed on Taka's lap till the end... lol

by the end, Boo was knocked out in the judge's station table. lol

it was a pleasure again to judge with legendary driver Taka and FD superstar JTP!!

Congrats to these top4 finishers (Beechum, Madrigali, George, and Adam) for awesome night driving. 
Props to being so consistent under tough conditions.  
Good feeling that we might have some possible FD Pro2 contenders for next year!!

now it's time to chillax a bit with some F1 action from Austria. Glad to see Alonzo and Kimi ok. 

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