June 7, 2015

too busy lately... but worth it!

again, I've been super busy... too busy for the last weeks with my work. 

after my car broke last time, it's getting woked on by Shingo at Bluemoon Performance. 
In the mean time, I'm working hard to raise funds for my racing. 

Brand new item for this year is the Powered By MAX ebrake. 
Looks awesome and hope it'll work unlike my current set up!

then I was off to another business trip up north to visit couple of big IT corporates. 
Getting used to the 6-7hour drive now...

And I also got some special souvenir from a company!!
These are not sold in stores!! (^^)/

On the way home, I was watching the FDOrl seeing guys fighting the way to the top in the crazy weather. 
Beautiful sunset tho!!

And Then, another early Saturday morning to play with the supercars at Exotics Racing. 

Also, thanks to fellow 4door drifter Alex Docken for coming all the way from Minnesota to enjoy the ride in couple of our exotics!!

and now, it's time to relax..... little bit. 

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